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Energy Vine is an expression of the "soundtrack of my life." It is meant to take music and tell the story of where it originates, where it is headed and how the music itself can change lives.

Moska Project

In 2004, I met, in passing, two smiling and joyful human beings from Caracas, Venezuela. A year later, hearing Carlos Chaumer and Gilly Gonzalez perform for the first time was invigorating and refreshing.

The two energetic men had the sound of four. The dynamic immediately brought to light was a bass that was looped, allowing Gilly to play a harmonic bass lead.  Carlos showed to be a power drummer. To put it simply, he wasn’t messing around.

The joy of hearing bilingual lyrics gifted nourishment to the music  and mystery at first blush. This inspired my warm appreciation for the sharing of cultures.

The pair, “barefoot and baggies,” owned the crowd.  The music demanded a dance celebration! When Gilly sang “Shake it, shake it,” singing the now staple song, ‘El Mayor,’ the whole crowd shook it! 

I looked at Gina with huge eyes.
“Gina, I can’t believe all this sound is coming from two people.”
She agreed. “I know, Dan, he really knows how to use that pedal.”

In 2007, the musical pair gifted their music to the volunteers of Treasure Coast Surfrider Foundation, and they have continued to support the foundation.

I met Jorge Orellana, also from Caracas, Venezuela, at the local drum circle at Shepard Park. He was, at the time, performing with another group. I thought “wouldn’t it be great if…..”

And  it happened! Jorge joined the project, bringing a solid harmony, and has learned Moska’s classic songs like ‘El Mayor,’ on bass. Gilly now plays guitar leads, some Santana-inspired.

Beau Parra, also from Caracas, has rejoined the group to once again bring a spice and flare of Latin percussion. Joyful, he adds to Carlos’s easily distinguishable drum beats.

To see the group now, as four, makes me so proud and happy for them. Moska music brings motivation, and flavor to life.

“All I wanted was to make a simple song
Make the people jump around and dance along

…I want to make you have some fun!”